Auckland PlayBack Theatre




An Introduction to Playback Theatre

A One-Day Workshop

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10.00am to 5.00 pm

Cost: $60

PLAYBACK THEATRE is a form of improvisational theatre whereby the material for the show comes from the audience in the form of real life moments and stories. Using a variety of forms, the actors spontaneously transform these real life moments and stories into pieces of theatre on the spot! Real life played back!


PLAYBACK THEATRE is fun to watch but it is even more fun to do! So we are offering you the chance to 'Playback' with us on this one day workshop!


This one-day course will give you a foundation in PLAYBACK THEATRE.


You will learn:

* some of the basic skills of improvised acting

* about Auckland Playback Theatre

* some of the performance forms used

* the principles, history and applications of Playback Theatre

* the use of cloth and musical instruments

* about the role of the conductor


Students will be telling stories throughout the workshop and transforming them into theatre in an atmosphere of fun. This workshop is designed for new comers to performing Playback and those wishing to refresh their skills. Auckland Playback Theatre is looking to recruit new members and those who have attended this workshop will be invited to audition for the company.

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