Auckland PlayBack Theatre


"Playback theatre’s performance was a wonderful ice breaker to kick off our conference!
Everyone was especially impressed by the level of skill, creativity and pure talent displayed by the playback actors. Thanks for a highly entertaining evening!"
Rachel Blagojevic, General Chair of the New Zealand Computer Science Research Student Conference 2009 (NZCSRSC '09), April 2009

"The witty depictions provided great hilarity and we were really happy with how it all went."
Sean Turnbull Volunteer Coordinator, Multiple Sclerosis, Auckland Region, July 2008

"It will be no surprise to you that the conference was buzzing with praise for Playback theatre during the next day. Your performance was hugely enjoyed and people commented on how it touched them at many levels."
Ken Bennett, Bishop's Chaplain for Ministry Education, Anglican Diocese of Auckland, July 2008

"The process of sharing one's stories, and seeing them performed before an audience can be quite liberating and engenders a spirit of shared humanity between us. The Playback Actors are talented, creative, warm, generous, funny and respectful of their audience and the stories that we bring."
David and Faith Grant, regular attendees at Playback public performances, August 2008